Recent Testimonies

During the opening prayers, D. felt warmth from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. D.A. was praying for healing during that time as she felt an asthma attack coming on, and it quickly went away.

At the beginning, when Dean mentioned the 700 Club, L. was skeptical because she equates the 700 Club to people asking for money, but then she was so moved by how genuine his story was that she wished they could have stayed longer, but had a previous commitment. L. has always been afraid of death and dying and hates talking about it. Since hearing Dean, she feels more comfortable with death.

When they left and Pastor J. followed them out, they were completely moved by the accuracy of his prayers; especially knowing that D. was an artist, and telling Laura that God loves her and “Isn’t it about time you knew that.” -that phrase really impacted her.

D.A. turned to A. barely 5 minutes into Dean’s talk and said, “I love him!” When Dean started talking about Ninevah, again D.A. turned to A., amazed that he was talking about her people. It was an amazing connection that Dean brought out to her ancient people. Dean’s prayers and conversation with her at the end were especially meaningful to her. It’s not often she meets someone outside her culture that knows about her people.

A. was impacted by Dean telling that the spirit leaves before the body dies-that he didn’t remember his lungs collapsing. That the Christian girl at Columbine was in heaven before the bullet hit her. His prayers to her at the end were significant and showed such a life change from a year and a half ago when he was at Grace.

They all can’t stop talking about the spiritual experience they all had-eager to continue their journey.

Thank you for your love for God and willing to minister to people!!

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J. today one of the girls that's been in there from years past and said she was from a Christian non denominational background and she used to come out for ministry at the jail. Then she stopped coming out and got into Satanism and asked for a Satanic Bible. She came out for ministry today and said that she had gone to prison and now is back in jail before she goes back for another prison sentence. She'd gone into Wicca when she was in prison and went to meetings and had a satanic Bible. She said that she just read the Heaven book I took in by Dean Braxton and it turned her life around. She's turned her life back to the Lord and is renouncing Satanism and wants to break soul ties and get rid of her Wicca Bible. It was an amazing testimony and to see the light on her face like I have never seen before.

Initial used for privacy